Now, if you’re caught speeding abroad, a fine of up to £640 could be sent back to the UK


According to a new survey, more than 80% of motorists have no idea that a new EU speeding law was introduced back in May, which allows foreign police to send a speeding fine back to the UK.

Now, if you get caught for speeding whilst in Europe, their forces have the authority to follow up on such a crime and can send the fine, which could be anything up to £640, back here to Britain – so there’s no way of avoiding that fine anymore whilst travelling in Europe.

The new law enables foreign police to use data from the DVLA to trace driver’s who’ve broken the speed limit whist driving abroad.

And if caught speeding abroad, a fine of up to £640 could be sent back to the UK

Many British motorists have no idea there’s a new EU speeding law which means foreign police can send a fine back to the UK © Copyright Rod Bacon and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


Green Flag, who were responsible for the new survey, found that 81% of drivers here in the UK had no idea that this new law was introduced back in May and even more alarming, was the fact that 69% of British drivers confessed to not knowing how to convert their speed from miles per hour to kilometres per hour – something that needs to change if we Brits wish to continue driving abroad safely.

Before the new law was introduced in May this year, offences of this nature occurring abroad were mainly seen as a pain in the neck for foreign police and as a result, many motorists speeding in Europe managed to get away with their crime.

The new ruling won’t be working vice versa however, as drivers from Europe travelling to the UK will still be able to ‘get away’ with such offences, as it’s particularly difficult for our police to gather driver information from another member state.

Spokesman for Green Flag Simon Henrick, said it’s important for UK drivers travelling abroad to learn the regulations of the roads in European countries before visiting and should brush up on their metric measures, to ensure they stick to the speed limits and avoid a huge fine, or even worse an accident.


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