Parking on the pavement is ‘unsightly and obstructive’ says many people


A total ban on pavement parking throughout England is being sought by the Commons Transport Committee, in a bid to tackle ‘unsightly and obstructive’ parking habits that ‘blight’ communities.

In London for the past 45 years, it’s been illegal for anyone to park on the pavement and if caught, you face being issued with a £70 fine.

The idea of an outright ban comes following reports on how much of a problem pavement parking is and how it affects those walking past.

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Parking on the pavement is dangerous and MPs are seeking an outright ban to stop motorists. © Copyright Jaggery and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

People with limited sight or those using a mobility aid can struggle to get passed a vehicle parked on the pavement. Trying to get a buggy down the side of a parked vehicle on a pavement is difficult and for many it means risking walking into the road to get around the obstruction which is dangerous.

There’s also concern over how much damage to the pavements is caused by vehicles parking on them.

More than 400 written submissions were received by the committee inquiry, most of which came from members of the public. Representatives in places where the problem is a big issue have said there’s ‘parking anarchy’.

Chairman of the committee, Lilian Greenwood, said: “Motorists may feel they have no choice but to park on the pavement and many try to do so in a considerate way. But evidence to our inquiry revealed the impact on those with visual and mobility impairments and people with children.”

However, the Labour MP did suggest alternatives to an outright ban, such as introducing exemptions where appropriate for local authorities to implement.

The committee has also acknowledged that a widespread ban would not happen overnight and an awareness campaign would be required to educate members of the public on the dangers and problems that parking on the pavement can create.



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