Only 15 days to go before the ’19’ plate arrives in the UK


It’s coming around to that time of year again when UK number plates change and on March 1, we will see the new ’19’ registration coming into force on brand new vehicles.

And as usual, there’s quite a lot of them that won’t make it onto a vehicle, as the DVLA deems many of the number plate combinations including ’19’ to be either too silly, rude or offensive and have banned them from ever being used.

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) censors have to come together twice a year to ensure that no such number plates make it onto UK roads and every six months they manage to pick out plenty of letter/number combinations that could be classed as offensive including BU19 GER, BE19 END and DO19 POO.

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The DVLA ban potentially offensive number plates from being used twice a year. © Copyright Bikeboy and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

When the ’68’ plate came out last September, there was quite a few rude/offensive ones that had to be banned by the DVLA such as CA68 OMB, BL68 JOB and BA68 TRD and this year is no exception, with the likes of EA19 DKS, AS19 OLE and OR19 ASM being banned from use on UK roads.

Thanks to the DVLA, who are based in Swansea, we still get to have a good giggle at the ones that won’t ever make it onto a UK vehicle, when they release their list of banned number plates for everyone to enjoy.

Some other number plates deemed too offensive by the DVLA include BU19 GRY, OR19 SMS and DO19 SHT, so these won’t be appearing on any brand new vehicles this coming March.

Any letter/number combination that could be classed as racist, political, overly sexual, homophobic or religiously discriminatory and may cause offense are picked out by the DVLA and will never be used on a vehicle.

If an offensive number plate does manage to slip through the net, the DVLA has the power to be able to take it off the owner, as one driver found out when the number plate ‘CU11 NNT’ which cost £6,000 to buy was taken off the owner by the DVLA.

Personalised number plates make the DVLA around £160 million every year!


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