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All the cars available to lease at Clear Car Leasing are brand new and an MoT is only a necessary requirement when a vehicle turns three years old.

So, if the lease term you’ve opted for is less than three years your brand new lease car will not require an MoT, however if your lease term exceeds three years, you will eventually need to obtain an MoT certificate for your chosen lease vehicle.

When you lease a car through a Personal Contract Hire (PCH) or a Business Contract Hire (BCH) agreement, you never actually own the vehicle, the finance company are the owner and registered keeper of your chosen lease car for the duration of your lease term.

This means it’s the finance company who keep hold of the V5C document for your lease car.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

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Despite this fact, if your lease contract is for longer than three years, it’s you who’s responsible for getting the car MoT’d. The cost of the MoT is not covered in your lease agreement and something that you will have to pay for separately, that’s unless you decide to add a maintenance package to your lease contract.

A maintenance package covers the servicing costs for the whole lease period for a small amount which will be included in your fixed monthly payments and also includes an MoT.

Wether you decide to add a maintenance package is entirely up to you but it does cover a lot of other things as well as an MoT, such as tyre replacement and fitting, mechanical and electrical repairs or replacements, wiper blades, bulbs and much more, so for a small amount that’s included in your fixed monthly payment, it’s an option worth considering when you lease a car – it offers you peace of mind and hassle-free motoring.


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