Time for a new lease car on a ’68’ plate?


The new ’68’ registration plate arrives in the UK this weekend – Saturday 1st September, so now’s the best time to be leasing a brand new car, as you could be driving around for the next six months in a brand spanking new motor featuring a ’68’ number plate.

At the beginning of March and September every year there’s a new vehicle registration plate introduced in the UK. The number plate system might seem a little confusing to some people but if you take time to understand how it works and what the characters on a UK number plate actually mean then it all makes perfect sense.

Knowing how to read a number plate is a very useful skill to have; it tells you how old the vehicle is and its place of origin (that’s unless it’s been swapped for a personalised registration plate).

Time for a new lease car on a '68' plate?

The new ’68’ registration plate – out this Saturday 1 September! The best time to lease a car.


So what do the numbers mean on a car registration plate?

The numbers tell you what year the car was manufactured so for example, cars showing the current registration plate featuring ’18’ means that this vehicle was made in March this year (2018).

Cars that are manufactured in September also feature two digits on the number plate which show what year it was made, however 50 is added to the year so for example, this Saturday when the new ’68’ plate comes into effect, the registration plate will be represented by adding 18 (for 2018) to 50 which equals 68.

A car registration plate is also made up of two groups of letters and the first two actually tell us something about the car. These first two letters on a car number plate act as an ‘identifier’ for the car and tell us where the car was registered. So for example, MA to MY on a number plate means that the car was registered in the Manchester and Merseyside area.

As for the last three letters, these are selected at random by a computer and don’t tell us anything about the car.

Twice a year, the DVLA have to sit down and go through all number/letter combinations before the 1st of March and 1st of September to ensure that no rude or offensive number plates make it onto our roads.

The current UK number plate system will continue to be used up until February 2051. At this point, the DVLA will probably look at updating the system.


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