It can accurately determine when a motorist is distracted whilst driving


It might be illegal to text or make a call on a mobile phone whilst behind the wheel, with stricter penalties being introduced earlier in the year, however this doesn’t stop some drivers from picking up their phone and using it to send a quick text.

New AI technology has been developed though which could make drivers think twice, as it’s smart enough to be able to accurately determine when a driver is distracted whilst in control of a vehicle.

This smart new technology could even be used in the near future to produce protective measures.


It can accurately determine when a motorist is distracted whilst driving

New AI technology has been designed which should stop drivers from being tempted to pick up their mobile – it can accurately determine when a motorists is distracted whilst driving.


The system has been developed by scientists from the University of Waterloo and uses cameras and artificial intelligence to pick up specific hand movements that differ from a more normal driving pattern.

The smart new system is then able to categorise the movements to decide if they could be a threat to safety.

The study was led by Dr Fakhri Karray, who believes the information could be used to improve road safety, alerting and warning drivers when they are unsafely distracted.

Researchers developing the new system trained an algorithm using machine-learning to identify behavioural patterns such as talking on a phone, texting and stretching into the back of the car to find something.

The behavioural patterns were then assessed based on their seriousness including how long the distraction lasted and the positioning of the head & face.

Their findings were combined with previous research looking into other signs, such as when a motorist falls asleep whilst driving, as well as repeated blinking. Researchers are now hoping to build on all of their driver distraction findings to produce a single system.

According to Dr Karray, around 75% of all traffic accidents around the world occur because drivers have been distracted whilst behind the wheel and claims: “It has a huge impact on society.”


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