In comparison, 46% speed on the motorway and only 10% do so on single carriageways


According to data from the Department for Transport (DfT) Automatic Traffic Counters in 2018, more than half (52%) of car drivers in the UK break the speed limit in 30mph zones.

The latest Government figures reveal that in comparison, 46% speed on motorways and only 10% drive too fast on single carriageways that carry the national speed limit.

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As for van or light commercial vehicle (LCV) drivers, they were a touch more obedient when it came to the 30mph speed limit, as 47% broke the law of the road, however they were a lot worse on the motorway, as 53% broke the 70mph speed limit.

Lorries or HGVs (heavy goods vehicles) are restricted to 60mph on the motorway and limited to just 56mph, however they can exceed these figures when travelling downhill with enough momentum behind them. For this reason, just 1% of lorries broke the speed limit on the motorway in 2018.

On single carriageway national speed limit roads, lorries must not exceed 50mph and just 20% of HGV drivers broke the law last year, however they weren’t so compliant in 30mph zones, as 42% managed to break the speed limit.

Lastly, 46% of rigid HGVs (HGVRs) broke the 30mph speed limit on UK roads, whereas a lower 36% broke the law on single carriageway national speed limit roads.

“More than half of drivers exceeding 30mph speed limits on local roads is extremely concerning,” said Edmund King, President of the AA, adding: “Speed kills, so drivers should remember that lower limits on residential roads are there for a very important reason.”


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