65% of motorists have been dazzled by oncoming headlights despite them being dipped



According to a new report, two thirds of drivers in the UK grumble about the fact that they’ve been dazzled by other road users more modern headlights.

Out of more than 2,000 motorists surveyed, 65% said they’re regularly dazzled by oncoming headlights despite them being dipped.

The survey was carried out by the RAC, who also discovered that 15% of motorists taking part claim they’ve been involved in a near-miss because of modern headlights dazzling them and think they are much too bright.

RAC survey discovers 65% of motorists have been dazzled by oncoming headlights despite being dipped

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Today there’s a number of different types of headlights fitted to vehicles in the UK, such as the traditional halogen headlamps to the much brighter and newer xenon, or high intensity discharge lights.

Of the 2,061 motorists surveyed by the RAC Opinion Panel, six out of 10 drivers believe that modern headlights are so bright they could risk causing other motorists into having crashes.

From those who said they’ve regularly been dazzled by oncoming dipped headlights, most of them believe it takes around five seconds before they can actually see clearly again.

Out of those who think today’s car headlights are too bright, almost half (49%) claim they’ve also been dazzled by headlights shining into their rear view mirror.

“The intensity and brightness of some new car headlights is clearly causing difficulty for other road users,” said RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams.

Whilst headlight technology has advanced significantly over the past few years and possibly made it safer for the driver, they do present a danger to other road users advancing towards them or possibly pulling out of a junction and can also be very distracting when they appear in your rear view mirror.


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