Quarterly figures suggest over 16,000 drivers are targeted each day!


A new report has discovered that private parking firms in the UK are set to hand out a record 6.5million tickets in one year!

According to the report, the DVLA received 1.48million demands for vehicle-keeper records during the first quarter of 2018/19, which equates to a 14% increase compared to the previous year.

The RAC Foundation claims only 687,000 similar requests were made just 10 years ago.

Figures from April to June seem to suggest that over 16,000 drivers are targeted each day!

Quarterly figures suggest over 16,000 drivers are targeted each day!

New report discovers private parking firms set to hand out record 6.5million tickets in one year!

The DVLA sells driver information for £2.50 per vehicle, generating a good income from them and in 2017 they managed to raise £14.1million from selling 5.65million sets of records.

The release of these latest figures will once more raise concern that drivers’ details are being misused on a grand scale, with motorists being unreasonably punished for insignificant violations.

The figures will also cause concern amongst MPs and campaigners who feel that these kind of firms have become too aggressive. Some motorists have spoken about being hit with hefty fines for being just a couple of minutes late back to their cars.

“Motorists might well be asking what is going on when the number of records being sought by private parking companies has shot up yet again,” said RAC Foundation director Steve Gooding, adding: “Numbers like these suggest that something, somewhere, is going wrong.”

ParkingEyeLtd is one such firm and mainly operates on the high street and in hospitals – so so far this year they are the biggest purchaser of data from the DVLA.

The UK Government has pledged to back a Private Member’s Bill that could lead to the introduction of a Code of Conduct for operators of private car parks.

According to the DVLA, their charges are set to recover the cost of providing the information and do not make money out of the process.


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