Those opting for speed awareness courses are 23% less likely to reoffend six months after


According to a new report, drivers who choose to take a speed awareness course rather than have penalty points on their licence and pay a fine are less likely to reoffend.

The study, which was conducted by Ipsos Mori and backed by the Government, found that offenders who opted for a speed awareness course were 23% less likely to reoffend during the six months following the course compared to those who choose a fine and penalty points.

The records of 2.2 million drivers were analysed by researchers in order to acquire their results. From these, 1.4 million motorists opted for a speed awareness course, whilst 192,000 chose a fine and penalty points – 428,000 were caught speeding over the threshold to be eligible for a speed awareness course.

Those opting for speed awareness courses are 23% less likely to reoffend

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Whilst the difference in reoffending rates dwindled over time between those opting for the speed awareness course and those choosing the fine and points, after three years, drivers who chose the awareness course were still 9% less likely to reoffend.

Overall, 21% of those who opted for a speed awareness course reoffended within three years, whilst in comparison 23% of those who chose points and a fine reoffended within the same period.

The conclusion researchers came to was that: “participation in the National Speed Awareness Course reduced reoffending in comparison with the sanction of penalty points and fine associated with a Fixed Penalty Notice, and that this effect – while reducing with time – persisted over 36 months.”

In 2017, around 1.4 million drivers in the UK sat a speed awareness course – this raised about £54 million for police forces up and down the country.

The fees for such courses vary in price depending on whereabouts in the country you are but generally drivers have to pay between £75 and £99 – out of this the police receive £45 per candidate.


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