And sitting in queues could be costing motorists on average almost £1,000 a year


A new report was released last Friday, claiming the average driver in the UK wastes around 5 days a year sat in traffic jams – that’s one whole working week every year spent sat in a queue!

The report blames the huge problem with congestion up and down the country for the number of days the average motorists has to spend sitting in a long queue.

And even more alarming, is that according to the Local Government Association (LGA), which represents councils in the UK, sitting in queues could be costing the average motorist just shy of £1,000 per year.

And sitting in queues could be costing motorists on average almost £1,000 a year

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The association is asking for local authorities across the country to be provided with long-term funding to help deal with the problem and request extra powers be given to tackle motorists in areas dealing with such problems.

According to the report’s findings, the growing issue arising from congestion could eventually cost the economy around £300billion a year by 2030, which equates to a tenfold increase compared to present costs.

“When the average motorist is spending a working week every year sat in traffic on major roads and losing almost £1,000 in the process, it’s clear that councils need to be able to do more to tackle this growing problem,” said LGA’s transport spokesperson, Judith Blake.

Although councils are trying their hardest to deal with the problem of congestion and the amount of traffic now on UK roads, consistent long-term funding is needed to help tackle these issues, with on-going investment required to help improve local roads up and down the country.


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