Motorists could save around £2billion per year by doing so


As we all know, an annual car service can work out very expensive for us motorists, particularly so if the garage carrying out the checks discovers a number of problems with your car.

However, according to new research carried out by MotorEasy, motorists can avoid huge bills by simply booking their car in for an MOT test before a service is required.

MotorEasy claim that by simply taking your vehicle for an MOT test first, most issues will be brought to the owner’s attention following checks carried out as part of an MOT test, which could help motorists save money by not having to fork out on labour costs on a service – these average around £77 per hour in the UK.

 Motorists could save around £2billion per year by doing so

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The car repair and maintenance company looked at its database of 20,000 vehicles and discovered that 80% of problems found during a car service would also be picked up on as part of an MOT test.

These results mean that garages who carry out work after a service are pointlessly doubling up on work which could have been carried out as part of an MOT test, this of course is costing motorists more money in the long run.

According to MotorEasy, most MOT tests last around one hour, which means that labour costs for that hour could be savings for the owner when it comes to service time.

In another recent survey carried out by MotorEasy, they discovered that the average hourly labour rate in the UK is £77 and as high as £230 in some areas.

Around 29 million MOT tests were carried out from 2015-2016 in the UK says the DVLA, meaning that motorists are possibly spending around £2.2billion per year on labour costs that could be easily avoided.

The UK based maintenance company also believe that an MOT is the best way to find faults that might need putting right as a matter of urgency.

The founder of MotorEasy, Duncan McClure Fisher, said that motorists should be smarter when it comes to having their vehicle checked by the garage, particularly if they use the same place for an MOT and service.

“The problem is that, even if you get faults repaired as a result of the service, you’ll still have to pay for the MOT anyway because that is a legal obligation for all vehicles,” said Mr McClure Fisher.

He suggests that motorists who book both an MOT and service at the same time request that the MOT is carried out first, ensuring less work needs to be undertaken during a service.

Mr McClure Fisher understands that not every car will need work doing to it come service or MOT time, however there’s a generous number of motorists who are unnecessarily doubling up on payments.

By simply organising and planning the maintenance of your vehicle more productively, such costs can be avoided.


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