If caught speeding, the result can be a hefty fine, penalty points or even a driving ban


According to new research conducted by Fixter, around seven in 10 drivers in the UK consciously speed, meaning around 70% of drivers deliberately choose to break the law by going too fast.

The study has been carried out following an update recently for Google Maps, which lets people using their app know what the speed limit changes are in real time.

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What the study also showed, is that 21% of those taking part confessed to speeding when running late, whilst 27% admitted to doing so whenever they thought it was possible to get away with it.

And as for those who believe they act like angels whilst driving, 36% of the females polled maintained that they’d never consciously driven too fast in comparison to just 24% of male drivers taking part in the study.

Additionally, around 80% of 25 to 24 year-olds admitted to consciously breaking the law and speeding, with the others claiming they’d be happy to see that 80% dealt with by receiving bigger penalties and tougher punishments.

However, whilst most of us do own up to speeding, 60% believe the current disciplinary measures are an acceptable deterrent.

As far as as the Google update is concerned, it was greeted with a good response, as four in 10 said it would ensure they took more care with their speed, whilst 26% thought it would help drivers to stay safe.


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