Avoiding motorway service stations could mean more money in your pocket!


According to new research, motorists who leave the motorway to find a local garage to fill up at could be saving themselves around £20 on a long journey.

Filling up at motorway service stations could currently be costing you around 37p per litre more and this is the reason why many drivers opt for exiting the motorway to find an alternative place to fill up at.

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New research suggests leaving the motorway to fill up could save you £20 on a long journey. © Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

And whilst it might use a little more fuel when leaving the motorway to look for a local garage, the £20 saving on a long journey could make it a worth while decision.

The study discovered that on a five hour journey from Maidstone to Cornwall, it would cost you £150 to fill up a 50-litre tank using motorways services en route but by exiting the motorway and filling up at two local garages, you could save around £20.

In addition, drivers filling up at Bridgwater on the M5 are paying 148.9p per litre but if they travelled just 2.5 miles away, they could be paying just 119.9p per litre at a local garage.

In May this year, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling accused motorway service stations of ‘taking advantage of drivers’ with their sky-high fuel prices, urging them to design an app that allowed motorists to check fuel prices before setting off on a journey.

However, according to research by the RAC, 44% of drivers in the UK avoid filling up at motorway service stations anyway.

“While we welcome the idea of motorway fuel retailers sharing their pricing data in terms of better transparency, the reality is any app will only tell drivers what they already know – that motorway fuel prices are unbelievably expensive,” said RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams.

Higher overheads are what many motorway services blame their elevated prices on but the founder of Fair Fuel UK, Mr Howard Cox, says this is ‘absolute bunkum’ and believes they charge what they like.



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