But not many of us know that we could face a £2,500 fine if caught!


According to a cheeky new survey carried out by MyCarNeedsA.com, millions of drivers in the UK have enjoyed getting a little bit steamy with their loved one whilst in the car.

An astonishingly large number of drivers owned up to the fact that they’ve engaged in some form of ‘rompy pompy’ with their partner behind the wheel – unaware that if caught they could face a hefty fine as well as finding themselves in a very embarrassing situation.

As part of the survey, MyCarNeedsA.com studied the different types of multi-tasking habits conducted by motorists and to their surprise, found that “giving in to a bit of passion” whilst on a car journey was nearly as common as using a mobile phone to make a call!

But not many of us know that we could face a £2,500 fine if caught!

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New laws came into effect earlier this year for those caught using their mobile whilst behind the wheel – a £200 fine and six penalty points, however getting caught in a passionate act could see you being issued with a fine as large as £2,500 AND nine penalty points on your licence under the Road Traffic Act for careless driving.

According to the law, a motorists caught carrying out another ‘task’ whilst behind the wheel is considered as driving without due care and attention.

Getting caught in the middle of a steamy session in a car has even resulted in a driving ban for some motorists and a compulsory re-test for others!

Whilst there’s currently no specific motoring fine or penalty specifically classed as a “act of passion”, these type of incidents are likely going to occur more often in the future as driverless cars become part of everyday life.

If ‘acts of passion’ behind the wheel do increase in the future, they’ll probably be classed the same as they are now, as careless or dangerous driving, resulting in fines and points.

So the next time you and your partner feel a little frisky on a journey maybe you should try and hold that passion in until you stop – you could save yourself £2,500 and red faces!

The study also found that more than 10% of those questioned admitted to applying make-up whilst driving, whilst 6% owned up to still using their mobile phone to check their social media apps.

An alarming 20% even confessed to making a call whilst behind the wheel!

The survey also discovered that 70% of drivers confessed to eating or drinking whilst driving, with 51% admitting that they changed information on their sat nav whilst still driving.


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