The high boot which they have to jump out of could be an issue for our furry friends


A new study has suggested that dogs jumping out of high SUVs could be at risk of injury.

According to researchers, there’s more stress placed on a dogs’ front legs when jumping out of a high SUV boot which could cause long-term harm to your furry friend.

A total of 15 dogs were used to as part of the research to find out what impact jumping out of different heights would have on their legs, with the pooches having to jump from platforms set to three different height levels.

The authors of the study discovered that “allowing dogs to repeatedly jump clear from vehicles with high boot compartments may be inadvisable.”

The high boot which they have to jump out of could be an issue for our furry friends

New study suggests dogs at risk of injury when jumping out of SUVs – © Crown Copyright 2014


The three platform levels were set at 0.55, 0.65 and 0.75 metres which all represent the most common height of a car boot.

The results of the study were published in Vet Record, which claims that the stresses put on a dogs front legs worsened progressively as the height of the platform increased.

The research found that there was around a 25% increase in peak ground force pressure between the lowest platform and the highest.

Following the research, Dr Alison Wills who was part of the team and a senior lecturer in animal science at Hartpury University, warned that “allowing dogs to jump from bigger cars with a higher boot sill may result in augmented levels of loading on anatomical structures,” also adding: “Dogs jumping from a vehicle may have undergone an extended period of rest meaning they lack the warm up that is essential for injury prevention.”

To protect our furry friends from injury the best thing we can do as both drivers and pet owners is to provide a ramp for them to walk up and down when they need to get in or out of an SUV with a higher boot.


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