And those in the back seat are the ones most affected by nausea


According to new data, those travelling in the back seat of a car are the ones most likely to suffer from car sickness, whilst the biggest cause of nausea on a journey is from reading.

Around 18% of motorists, or about 7.3m people, suffer from nausea or actual sickness whilst driving a car or sitting in as a passenger.

From those, 75% said the nausea is worse when in the back seat compared to being in the front, whereas 12% thought it was worse in the front, whilst 7% said there was no difference.

And those in the back seat are the ones most affected by nausea

New survey discovers one in five suffer from car sickness – ginger is thought to help

The survey was carried out by the RAC, who quizzed 1,900 people to gather their research and found 61% believed the nausea was worse because of reading whilst travelling in the car, whilst 50% said using a mobile phone or tablet was the biggest cause of their motion sickness.

Another 37% said winding country roads brought on nausea, 32% blamed a lack of fresh air and 30% said looking out of the window made them feel unwell.

A further 37% of those questioned said they’d had to pull over for a break whilst someone suffering from car sickness recovered, whilst 2% have had to give up on a journey or not go at all.

And whilst 48% of drivers said they didn’t seek medical help for car sickness, 13% did say they’d tried over-the-counter medicine or used travel bands or ate ginger before a journey. Just 2% had gone to the extreme of going to see their doctor for help.

Some 24% said they coped with car sickness by trying different ways of dealing with it when it strikes, such as trying to sleep, closing their eyes for a while or focusing straight ahead and trying not to look down.

The best way of avoiding car sickness on a journey is to avoid reading or using mobile devices and to let some fresh air in by opening a window and focus straight ahead on the horizon.

When driving on country roads, it’s better to drive slowly and smoothly to avoid the feeling of nausea which can be worse on such roads.


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