And it’s not just men, as 9% of women admitted doing the same!


According to a new survey conducted by AA who asked 16,307 of its members, 15% of male drivers think about DIY whilst behind the wheel and it seems it’s not only men that think about home improvements when driving, as 9% of women do the same!

And whilst these results may come as a bit of a shock, the most worrying fact is that only 11% of men had concerns about breaking down.

The survey found that concerns over arriving at their destination on time was the biggest distraction for men (45%) and women (57%). The next worry causing distraction to drivers was work (34% overall), followed by planning for the future (25%) and money/life and social life all on 22%.

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New survey suggests 15% of male drivers think about DIY whilst behind the wheel.

Alarmingly, only 30% of drivers said they only ever concentrate on driving whilst behind the wheel which means that two-thirds confessed to being distracted when driving.

There are so many things to be distracted by these days when driving, like picking up a mobile phone because it’s made a sound or messing with the sat-nav, or playing around with the touchscreen to change settings – they’re all ways in which a driver can be distracted and for very small periods of time may not be totally focused on the road ahead and what’s going on around them.

These facts mixed with the reality that cars are much easier and safer to drive and you have a concoction that could lead to distraction.

Maybe this is why the Government confirmed that in 2017, there was 4,573 injury crashes on UK roads in which distraction was recorded as being a contributory factor – from these, 774 were serious and sadly 125 were fatal.

Director of the AA Charitable Trust, Edmund King, said “The AA Trust has run some hard-hitting campaigns in recent years highlighting the dangers of distracted driving mobile phone use.

“But, while we can all make ourselves more aware of steps to take to minimise certain distractions, like putting mobile phones in the glove box, it is harder to switch our minds off day-to-day worries like childcare or work.”

The best advice for drivers to help them keep their concentration on a journey, is to make sure they’ve had plenty of rest/sleep beforehand and to make regular stops.


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