Yet despite this, one in two people in the UK worry about car theft


According to new research carried out by Halfords, one quarter (25%) of drivers in the UK confess to not locking their car, yet despite this, one in two people say they worry about car theft.

Let’s assume that those who responded in the 25% group didn’t overlap with the ones in the 51% group, however one respondent did say: “I won’t lock my car, but I hope it won’t be ‘half-inched’ in the middle of the night,” – hmm, there’s a possibility.

What Halfords also revealed is that sales of steering locks, which have been around for decades, have risen by 50% over the past year, with drivers looking to old-fashioned ways of protecting their vehicles from car thieves.

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If you have a garage use it – locking your car in the car could help prevent it from being stolen or broken into! © Copyright Roger Templeman and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Keyless car theft is on the increase, with ‘relay attacks’ now a common occurrence in the UK. As a result, motorists are turning to old-school visual deterrents to discourage car thieves which seems a bit backwards when you consider how much we now rely on electronic technology.

“We’ve seen sales of our RFID wallets soar in the last few weeks. Classic steel steering locks are also an extremely effective – and visual – way of deterring thieves, and we’ve recently seen a huge increase in sales of these as car owners turn to old school solutions,” said Halford’s car security expert, Pavan Sondhi.

To help prevent car theft, park your car in the garage if you have one rather than using it as a storage space. If you haven’t got a garage, park your car on a well-lit driveway with CCTV cameras in operation and a good alarm system in working order. If you have to park on the road, try and park where the area is well-lit, use a steering lock and don’t leave any valuable items such as a sat nav in your vehicle, as this could attract opportunist car thieves..

And lock your car!

When Halfords asked respondents what the punishment should be for stealing a car, around half of drivers believe the maximum sentence of six months in jail isn’t tough enough.


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