The confinement of a car it seems could be why couples argue more whilst on the road


According to new research, around one-in-four domestic arguments take place inside our vehicles and not at home in the kitchen or bedroom as you might have expected.

It seems as though couples tend to argue the most whilst on the road and the sulking and uncomfortable silences that follow can last for a few hours to whole days!

It’s been suggested by some experts that the reason for this revelation could be down to the confinement of a car, not being able to express yourself properly because of the small space you’re sharing and having to deal with traffic at the same time.

The confinement of a car it seems could be why couples argue more whilst on the road

New survey suggests a quarter of domestic arguments take place in our vehicles


The biggest reason for the start of a ‘cargument’ was, you’ve guessed it, falling out over directions and was to blame for a third of bust-ups, whilst disagreeing over the driving ability of a partner was just less than a third (32%), followed by driving too fast (17%) and arguing over what was on the radio (8%).

And it seems that disagreements aren’t just limited to what’s going on in the car, with some couples switching to other matters such as the finances (17%), family (16%), the children (14%) and chores (11%).

According to the researchers, bad blood following an in-car argument seems to last much longer than it should do, as one in eight of those taking part confessed to not speaking to their other half from anywhere between three hours to over a day!

Simply getting into a car with your partner can be enough to increase the chances of a fall-out, says Dr Sandi Mann from the University of Central Lancashire.

“The act of driving brings stress of its own and a driver can already be stressed and frustrated by so many triggers on the road such as traffic, inconsiderate driving, roadworks etc. So throw another person into the mix and it’s always going to have the potential to be explosive,” added Dr Mann.

It’s not good news for women either, as the survey found that it was the female drivers (45%) who confessed to starting more arguments in the car than men (42%) and it seems drivers under the age of 24 are the ones most likely to get angry whilst in the confinements of a car.

Shockingly, one in 20 of those taking part in the survey said they had stomped out of the car after a bust-up and continued on foot, just so they don’t have to remain next to their other half in the vehicle.


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