Under the new scheme, owners of the new Nissan Leaf could be driving their EV for FREE


A new ‘vehicle to grid’ (V2G) scheme has been unveiled for the UK which will be available to owners of the new Nissan Leaf EV which was released in September.

Under the scheme, the cost of running an electric car could end up being even cheaper to run than they currently are.

Energy company Ovo will pay owner’s of the Nissan Leaf for the use of the car’s battery and for a lot of drivers, this could be enough to cover the estimated annual cost of £400 for charging their Leaf – FREE motoring potentially!

Under the new scheme, owners of the new Nissan Leaf could be driving their EV for next to nothing

The all new Nissan Leaf released in September – New UK ‘vehicle to grid’ scheme set for release in January 2018 © Associated Press Photo


The scheme will be available from January 2018 and customers will need to have a special charger installed in their homes.

Ovo can then oversee the charging and battery levels of each customer’s Nissan Leaf. The energy supplier will then have the ability to drain power from the battery so the grid can use it during peak times, which is when the costs are greater and then replace the power during off-peak hours.

Customers will be able to establish how much charge they will require when they next use their Leaf for a journey.

Not only do Nissan Leaf owners benefit from the scheme, Ovo itself will benefit too by allowing themselves to sell cheap energy at around four times the cost, whilst customers could potentially save on average around £240 on their bill per year.

“Electric vehicles are fast becoming a mainstream option for drivers and solve many of the challenges facing our cities. We’re delighted that we can now offer such a compelling incentive to customers who are generating their own clean power, providing a truly sustainable alternative to the traditional energy model,” said Ovo CEO Stephen Fitzpatrick in a written statement.

V2G technology enables EVs to be fully integrated into the electricity grid and has been designed to help inflate the use of renewable in the energy system.

The energy supplier also plans to develop special tariffs to reward customers who sign up for the scheme.

Schemes similar to this have been suggested and tested throughout Europe, including Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain, as well as in Japan, the home country of Nissan.



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