You could be charged for ‘dangerous driving’ if caught with just one hand on the wheel!


According to the Highway Code, ‘dangerous and inconsiderate driving’ could lead to a hefty fine and up to nine points on your driving licence.

If you pick your nose whilst driving, you could be charged for ‘failing to have proper control of a vehicle’ and issued with a £1,000 fine and given three penalty points.

Any kind of distraction whilst driving such as lighting a cigarette or changing radio stations could lead to a huge fine and penalty points if caught as it’s classed as ‘careless driving’.

According to a recent study in America conducted by insurance firm NetQuote, 66% of drivers have picked their nose whilst in control of a vehicle.

Apparently back in 2012, the former Canadian Transport Minister, Jim Bradley, wanted to extend the rules and legislations to target nose pickers in particular, as he believes that doing so whilst behind the wheel is more distracting than using a mobile phone when driving.

It’s also been suggested by experts that picking your nose could lead to more serious consequences for drivers whilst on a journey, as it could turn into an itchy nose which might then cause a driver to start sneezing.

If a driver sneezed whilst travelling at 70mph, they could possibly travel around 100ft with their eyes closed and if this led to a sneezing fit, a driver could potentially travel the length of a football field without being able to see clearly.

This could lead to a crash and if caught by the police, you could be charged for driving ‘without due care and attention’, so save your nose picking for when you get home!



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