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Being blessed with a finite amount of resources has its own limitations. Especially with cars, which are heavily reliant on fuel. As such the majority of car manufacturers, has shifted their focus onto creating ‘greener engines’ and ‘alternatively fuelled vehicles’.

At Clear Car Leasing, we’ve recognised the importance of a ‘greener’ future. So we can ensure that the two things we love the most; Cars and the World are both protected and are still around in the future. We’ve brought together our best hybrid and electric lease deals all into one place here.

Interested about taking the plunge into leasing your first electric or hybrid vehicle? Why not take a look at our favourite offers below?

Volkswagen Golf Hatchback 1.4TSi GTE 5 Door Auto

BMW I3 eDrive 94ah Range Extender Auto

Volkswagen Passat GTE Saloon 5 Door Auto

So, what are the benefits of having an ‘alternative’ fuelled vehicle?

There are possibly more benefits than you might think, especially when it comes to running your own hybrid or electric car. We’ve decided to quickly summarise a few key points in our handy list below.

Running Costs

This of course has to be the top of the pile. Wouldn’t it be better if; the car you had to use on a day to day basis was a kinder on your wallet?

For example, let’s take the average electric car. Fully charged, these cars can have between 80-150 miles of range (depending on the type of vehicle). As most daily commutes tend to be less than 30 miles in total, the electric car is perfect for this type of road use. It’ll cost you a small amount to charge, saving you money almost immediately.

However, if you tend to more miles the electric car might not be the best option for you. You should instead consider a Hybrid vehicle. This type of car combines the best of both worlds as it uses the conventional engine alongside a petrol motor. Resulting in a smaller amount of fuel being consumed. You’ll actually find yourself being able to travel farther on the same budget!

Tax Benefits

For any car that is classed as a ‘ULEV’ (any car that produces less than 75g/KM Carbon Dioxide). Gets the benefited from certain tax exemptions. Some of which includes:

Electric cars and their acronyms can be confusing at times, so have a look at our Jargon-Busting Guide here. 
Fuel Duty

Cars underneath the ‘ULEV’ bracket don’t have to pay on any fuel duties. Making the average ‘full tank’ on this type of car to be cheaper than the conventional car.

Vehicle Excise Duty

The year on year charge that every car is subjected to can actually be reduced or not charged at all depending on the type of vehicle. Cars which produce absolutely no emissions and sit below the £40,000 list price are exempt from this charge. This can actually reduce your monthly rental on your lease contract.

If you're unsure about the recent VED tax changes, click here to find out more.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Electric used to recharge a plug-in vehicle at home is only chargeable at 5% VAT, lower than the 20% compared to conventionally fuelled cars.

Cheaper Company Car Tax

Typically, because of the tax banding most of these cars are placed in (due to their emissions). The benefit in kind on this type of car is greatly reduced. Making monthly payments cheaper.

Government Grants

Depending on how economical your plug-in electric car is, the Government can contribute up a maximum £4,500 towards your car. These grants are applicable on lease contracts too, which can help to reduce your overall leasing cost.

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