Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing


When you lease a vehicle from Clear Car Leasing we like the fact that our customers can treat it as if it’s their own, which means making small modifications to your lease car is acceptable and normally permitted by your finance provider.

All modifications you make to your lease vehicle are done so at your own risk and could invalidate the vehicle manufacturer warranty, so it’s advisable to check first before going ahead with certain changes.

Any changes you make to your lease vehicle must be removed before the end of your contract and if there’s any damage left behind this must be addressed by yourself before the vehicle is inspected and returned.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

Is It Okay To Put A Wrap On My Lease Vehicle?


Modifications which are generally accepted as okay to carry out on your lease vehicle are the addition of a tow bar, fixing a roof rack, the use of a vehicle tracker, a Black Box, dashboard camera or van ply lining – these must all be removed without damaging the vehicle at the end of your contract lease term.

When it comes to wrapping your lease vehicle, this is generally accepted as okay to do so by most finance providers. Adding your company decals to a lease vehicle with a wrap is a fantastic way of advertising your business and may also help to protect the paintwork from chips and scratches whilst in your possession.

As with all modifications, the wrap must be removed before the lease vehicle is due to be returned and no damage must be visible following its removal.

You can even add a private registration plate to your lease vehicle but doing so may involve having to pay an administration fee and the two plates must be removed at the end of your contract.


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