New study claims more spaces would be available if drivers used their park assist technology


We’re all guilty of moaning when we struggle to find a parking space, however it seems the problem could be down to bad parking rather than not being enough spaces, according to a new study commissioned by Direct Line Car Insurance.

They discovered that drivers’ skills when it comes to parking are pretty poor, so much so that around one fifth of parking spaces are wasted as a result.

A total of 120 roads were reviewed by the experts where kerb-side parking bays were classed as ‘full’ – meaning no space was left between any two vehicles for another car to fit into.

New study claims more spaces would be available if drivers used their park assist technology

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From their findings they calculated how much extra space would be free if all cars used park assist technology which automatically guides a vehicle into a space.

According to the study, around 17% of street parking spaces could be freed up if every motorist used the smart technology available to them, allowing for thousands more cars to be able to park.

In Birmingham and London it was found that parked vehicles had the greatest average distances between them, meaning capacity could potentially be increased by 20%.

It seems the best parkers can be found in Brighton, as 11% extra capacity was still available on ‘full’ streets in the city centre.

The research found that 47% of motorists said that bad parking by other drivers had caused the most frustration over the last year.

The study involved asking 2,000 adults a series of questions and 38% confessed to deliberately leaving space around their vehicle to prevent another car from parking next to it.

A further 31% said they’d chosen a parking space based on the quality of cars parked on either side, whilst 13% had parked in two spaces to save one for another driver.

Eleven per cent even admitted to placing bins in the road to keep a space clear and stop someone from parking, whilst 10% confessed to parking in a space that was too small just so other drivers couldn’t move their vehicle.

The study also found that 73% admitted to leaving space at the back of their car so they could manoeuvre properly, while more than a fifth said they parked their car further away from where they lived so they didn’t have to face parallel parking into a testing space.

A staggering 18% of motorists even admitted to giving up trying to park because they were being watched and it put them off, whilst just over a fifth of drivers said they’d asked a family member or friend to park their vehicle for them!


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