And it’s not just men who get angry behind the wheel, as the survey discovered!


A new survey has found that one in five drivers in the UK confess to incidents of road rage, in which themselves or another motorist has shown aggression by jumping out of their vehicle or even following the other driver home.

The survey discovered that 22% of drivers admitted to jumping out of their vehicle to confront another road user, whilst 19% confessed to following another driver to their destination so that they could confront them once they’d stopped.

The new data found that men were the worst offenders when it comes to jumping out of their vehicle to confront another driver, with 23% confessing to doing so, whereas 21% of women admitted to doing the same.

However, it was female drivers who were most likely to follow another driver because of road rage, with 20% confessing compared to just 18% of men.

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Does sitting in heavy traffic cause you to get angry behind the wheel?

The survey was carried out by the automotive data company HPI, who polled over 1,000 drivers between the ages of 18 and 65, discovering that 39% confessed to incidents of road rage following a bad day and making other road users pay. Alarmingly, 3% admitted to “always being furious” when they were driving.

Around 28% of those taking part in the survey said their biggest gripe was other motorists overtaking when it was dangerous to do so, whilst 20% said tailgaters were the ones who frustrated them the most.

When it comes to the actual roads themselves, 31% said that potholes were extremely frustrating, whereas 20% cited traffic jams as the worst issue to have to deal with.

In addition, 16% said that constant roadworks were their biggest frustration, whilst 10% blamed parking issues such as struggling to find a space and expensive charges. However, 8% said that issues relating to the roads themselves didn’t cause them to feel angry at all.

Of those taking part, van drivers were named as the most annoying road users with 23% saying so, whilst 19% said cyclists were worse, 11% cited Uber and private hire drivers as the worst, with 8% moaning about daydreaming pedestrians.

As for in-car causes of road rage, backs seat drivers came out worst off on 27%, followed by bickering children on 17%, passengers who meddle with the stereo on 11% and never-ending gasbags (10%).

According to the survey, road rage has affected around 39% of drivers on more than one occasion, with 23% saying they’d even reported another motorist for dangerous driving.


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