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Whether you take out a Business Contract Hire (BCH) or Personal Contract Hire (PCH) agreement, it is your finance provider who remains the legal owner and keeper of the vehicle you lease.

It is they who keep in their possession the V5C log book relating to the vehicle you have chosen to lease and this information must be disclosed to your insurance provider from the start, so that they are aware that the car or van you are driving is a lease vehicle.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

Your finance provider remains the legal owner and keeper of your chosen lease car or van and keeps hold of the V5C log book.

If you lease a car from Clear Car Leasing and wish to apply for a parking permit, you might be asked by your landlord or local authority to see a copy of the V5C Registration document, so you will have to contact your finance provider.

Of course, Clear Car Leasing will be able to provide a confirmation letter informing your landlord or local authority of the fact that the vehicle you are driving has been leased from us.

If you’re interested in making any modifications to your lease vehicle whilst it’s in your possession, you must be granted permission by your finance provider before going ahead with any changes such as adding a tow bar, fitting a roof rack or having your van wrapped.

Any kind of modification must be removed before the end of your lease term and must be done so without causing any damage to the lease vehicle.

With BCH and PCH agreements, there is no option to own the vehicle, you simply return the car or van you have leased back to your finance provider once your lease term has expired, leaving you free to start again with a new lease vehicle.



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