New survey of 2,000 drivers showed 29% caught for speeding had passed first time


According to new data gathered following a Freedom of Information request and a survey involving asking 2,000 adults in the UK questions about driving, those who pass their driving test first time are the ones most likely to speed.

Insurance website GoCompare asked for the Freedom of Information request and along with the survey, found that almost a third of drivers (29%) caught for speeding had passed their driving test on the first attempt.

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According to new data and a survey, those who pass their test first time are the ones more likely to speed. © Copyright Mat Fascione and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

In comparison, those who took five attempts to pass made up 19.3% of speeding convictions.

And whilst it seems those who pass first time like to drive faster than they should, it’s the ones who took five attempts or more to pass that get into the biggest trouble for other reasons on the road.

This ‘five or more’ group were involved in a quarter (24.8%) of self-inflicted damage cases and the same number of accidents involving other vehicles, whereas in contrast, first-time passers made up a mere 7.8% of self-inflicted damage cases and 17.7% of accidents.

Also, the five or more group are the ones four times more likely to overlook road signs and alarmingly, six times more likely to pick up their mobile phone whilst behind the wheel.

Overall, 60% of this group have driving convictions, whilst just 33% of first-time passers did.

As for how long it’s taking learner drivers to pass their test, there’s been an increase in pass-rates in Humberside, the North East, Scotland and Yorkshire during the period 2017-18 in comparison to figures from 2014-15.

Overall throughout the UK though, first-time pass rates have dropped by 3.6%, to a record low of 43.6%.


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