According to new research, motorists in the UK love giving their wheels a special name


As a nation we love our motors, so much so that many of us it seems like to give our car a special pet name.

According to research carried out by the Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat, who make the very cute and extremely popular 500, over half of young adults aged 25-34 confessed to giving their wheels a name – some a bit crazier than others!

They unearthed a myriad of name choices, some of which were more weird than others such as The Anti-Christ and Thor the Thunderbolt, with one crazy owner choosing to name their red car Mick Hucknell, after the lead singer of the band Simply Red!

According to new research, motorists in the UK love giving their wheels a special name

What name do you think for this Fiat 500? Michael maybe, considering it’s link to The Italian Job! © Copyright michael ely and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


Many more crazy and ludicrous names were discovered as a result of the car manufacturers research, including Hedwig, Popeye, Stig, Mudslick and The Mummytruck, to mention just a few.

Fiat found that 27% of adult drivers gave their car a name, whilst one in 10 male motorists characterised their car as being “like a person” – somewhat concerning!

According to Toni Gaventa, Fiat UK’s brand communications manager, the car we drive forms a big part of our lives, taking us on amazing journeys, providing us with the freedom to go anywhere and do anything, so it’s no wonder they become like an extended member of the family for many drivers. They take on a personality all of their own and become an extension of who we are and the Fiat 500 certainly oozes personality.

The survey found that many of us like to name our car after a favourite celebrity and one in five cars are given a name that’s gender-neutral.

Here Is Fiat’s Top 10 Car Names (according to their survey):

  1. Betty
  2. Percy
  3. Alfie
  4. Fred
  5. Herbie
  6. Matilda
  7. Bumble
  8. Optimus
  9. Harry
  10. Florence

Perhaps these will inspire you when it comes to naming your next car, or maybe you’d prefer to give your vehicle a much crazier name – such as Sexy Rexy!


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