Here’s our top 10 crazy driving laws from around the world – you’ll be amazed!


If you’re planning a road trip this summer a bit further afield than here in the UK, you might want to continue reading..

New data has been released by, exposing some of the wackiest driving laws from around the globe – some of which are just so crazy and bazaar you can’t even believe they’re law breakers!

Here’s one mad example to tempt you to read on – in Alaska, it’s against the law to strap your dog to the roof of your vehicle – why would anyone consider doing this in the first place!!

So to save you from being pulled up on your journey for doing something you didn’t know was illegal, here’s our top 10 wackiest motoring laws from around the world..

1. In Manila, the capital of the Philippines, it’s illegal to drive on certain days of the week. Why you might ask have they made this a law – to help with congestion! Your number plate determines which day of the week you can travel.

2. If you’re travelling to Sweden this year, remember to keep your headlights on even during the day, it’s the law!

3. In Thailand, whether you’re male or female, it is illegal to drive without a shirt on – so no stripping off to top up your tan if this is where you’re heading!

4. Motorists in Denmark have to check under their vehicle before they set off to make sure no one is underneath – it’s compulsory!

5. If you’re visiting Alaska this summer, please don’t strap your dog to the roof of your vehicle – it’s illegal believe it or not!!

6. In Costa Rica, motorists are allowed to drink alcohol whilst driving – so long as your blood alcohol level stays below 0.75%!

7. Off to South Carolina, USA? If you are, don’t let the litter stack up in your vehicle, this is illegal as it could cause problems with rats!

8. In Italy, historic zones need a permit before entering – if caught in these zones without a permit you could be handed a hefty fine.

9. In Japan, it is against the law for a vehicle to drench a pedestrian walking past a puddle of water.

I think we’ve saved the best one for last..

10. In Alabama, USA, you are breaking the law if you drive whilst blindfolded – who on earth drives with a blindfold on anyway!!


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