‘Operation Pram’ begins in East Hertfordshire with police using a buggy to test parked drivers out


Police in the UK are cracking down on motorists who park up and block the pavement without leaving enough space for prams to be able to get through.

‘Operation Pram’ has got underway in East Hertfordshire, with police officers patrolling the streets armed with prams, looking for drivers who’ve parked in a way which stops a pram from being able to get past.

A video has been released showing ‘Operation Pram’ in progress on the streets of Hertford, with Chief Inspector Gerry McDonald pushing a buggy along the pavements wherever a vehicle is parked half on the pavement and half on the road.

Police launch new crackdown on drivers blocking pavements

‘Operation Pram’ has begun in East Hertfordshire with police using a buggy to test parked drivers out © Copyright Ian S and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


According to Chief Inspector McDonald, the crackdown follows a number of complaints from parents regarding thoughtless drivers.

The police are using the pram as a tool to show motorists how inconsiderate it can be to park in such a way as to stop people pushing prams, or wheelchair users, from being able to get past a parked up vehicle.

Blocking the pavement in such a way means many passers by have to resort to using the road to walk round the parked up vehicle which could be dangerous.

Operation Pram will hopefully educate the public on the importance of how to park without blocking the pavement, allowing anyone and those with prams, or wheelchair users, to be able to stay on the path and walk by safely.

The operation is set to be launched in other towns in East Hertfordshire, including Bishop’s Stortford.

The law states that whilst it isn’t illegal for vehicles to park on the pavement, apart from lorries, it’s against the law for drivers to block the paths with their vehicle.

During the video tests, a pram struggled to get past a van and the police where left with the decision as to whether to speak with the driver or hand out a fine but eventually a ticket was left on the vehicle.

A narrow gap within a heavily populated area, where footfall is likely to be quite high, causes members of the public to have to walk into the road to get past, which is not something they should have to do – pavements were created for the public to be able to walk on.


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