Top tips from Clear Car Leasing for safe and trouble free motoring this winter


Winter is upon us once again; dark nights, cold frosty mornings, icy roads, dazzling sun and over the coming months a few areas of the country will see its first snowfall, so it’s time for motorists to prepare their car’s ready for what the great British weather has to throw at us.

The first thing to do is make sure you check your vehicle thoroughly before each journey and if there’s ice or snow on the windscreen, windows and roof, clear it fully before you depart with a scraper and de-icer to ensure you have clear vision – and remember to NEVER leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running as you could face a fine!

Top tips from Clear Car Leasing for safe and trouble free motoring this winter

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Windscreen wipers should be checked & cleaned and headlights must be in fully functioning condition, so check that no bulbs need changing and keep them free from dirt. Windscreen wash is recommended to keep your glass dirt free and prevent water from freezing – use a 50% mix of good quality wash to water.

Antifreeze is important as it stops the water in your engine’s cooling system from freezing – as a rule it should be replaced every couple of years. During winter you need a 50/50 water-antifreeze mix.

Tyres should be checked to make sure the tread is ready for the winter conditions – the RAC recommends a minimum 3mm of tread to cope with the roads during the winter months and the correct tyre pressure should also be present in each tyre. Winter tyres are also an option as they do provide better grip on the roads.

The battery takes some hammering in the winter so it’s advisable to have the battery and charger checked over by a professional.

If you wake up to a frozen door lock you can use the lighter on your car key to warm it up, or smear a little bit of vaseline on the key holes and door seals to stop them from freezing over.

An emergency kit left in the car during the winter months is a good idea. This should include a blanket, warm clothes, torch and batteries, scraper and de-icer, shovel, food and water, warning triangle and a high-vis vest.

A mobile phone can come in handy to make contact in case of an emergency but please remember not to use it whilst you are driving, or sat at traffic lights, or in a queue and don’t forget to keep it fully charged, so an in-car charger might be useful.

Check traffic updates in your area and make sure no weather warnings have been put in place before you set off, it might be a good idea to cancel a journey rather than risk driving in poor conditions.

Careful planning is all it takes and ensuring your vehicle is properly maintained & checked ahead of the winter months is recommended for safe and trouble free motoring.


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