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Winter can be hard on your car – having to deal with heavy rain, freezing temperatures, icy conditions, strong winds and snow can be a testing time for your vehicle.

However, when you lease a car from Clear Car Leasing, it’s a brand new vehicle that comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty and breakdown cover (subject to warranty), so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have any problems with your chosen lease car but as the old saying goes, ‘never say never.’

Therefore, you should still carry out basic maintenance on your lease car during the winter months to avoid any kind of issues and make sure you carry an emergency winter kit in your vehicle just in case.. this should include ice scraper and de-icer, torch and batteries, extra screenwash, shovel, blanket, snacks and drinks, warm clothing, sturdy boots, sunglasses, first aid kit, hi-viz jacket, fully charged mobile phone and in-car charger, road atlas, emergency warning triangle, tow rope, jump leads and spare car bulbs.

A quick check of the battery, tyres, exterior lights, wiper blades and ensuring your antifreeze is topped up and there’s enough washer fluid to cope with the extra spray created from wet, muddy or salty roads during the winter could prevent your car from becoming a victim.

Never set off on a journey with ice or snow on your windscreen, mirrors or roof as this can be dangerous and impair your vision. Make it a daily routine to clean your exterior lights, as darker nights and bad weather conditions can seriously affect your view of the road and the ability to be seen by other road users.

At Clear Car Leasing, you can add a maintenance package to your lease contract for peace of mind which includes servicing, tyres and general fair wear & tear cover.



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