Two thirds of motorists feel were are being ripped off at the pumps!’s fuel price index suggests that motorists in the UK are having to reach deeper into their pockets when it comes to filling up their car with petrol, as the average price per litre jumps by 1.7p in one week alone to 123.5p.

And it’s a similar story for drivers of diesel vehicles, as they are now having to pay 126.5p per litre, which is on average a colossal 1.8p more than they had to fork out just one week ago.

Motorists as a result of the increases will now have to fork out even more to fill up – the average medium sized car will now cost a mind-blowing £70 for petrol and £72 for diesel.

Two thirds of motorists feel were are being ripped off at the pumps!

Price of fuel in the UK at highest level for 18 months © Copyright Mike Smith and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


More research conducted by the price comparison website company found that the rising cost of fuel at the pumps has now become one of the biggest gripes amongst drivers, as two thirds (66%) feel as though they are being ripped off on the forecourts.

And some motorists more than others it seems are bearing the brunt of these increases, as drivers in the West Midlands notice the biggest rise during the last week – 1.1p on average, whilst motorists in the North East will have seen the biggest increases during the past year, as petrol prices climbed 4.6p year-on-year – to on average 122.5 per litre.

Sadly, it’s drivers in the South East who will have to fork out the most for a tank of fuel, having to pay on average 123.6p per litre for petrol and 126.5p per litre for diesel.

“Paying for fuel is part and parcel of owning a car and it is unfortunate for drivers that it is only getting more expensive – the most expensive recorded by’s fuel price index in more than 18 months!” said Amanda Stretton,’s motoring editor.


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