More than 2,000 personalised number plates sold over the festive period


More than 2,000 personalised number plates were bought between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day according to DVLA figures. In total, 1,581 of them were purchased just on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone – this figure is three times higher than sales back in 2018.

Over the same period last year, only 600 private number plates were purchased in comparison to the latest figures from the DVLA.

Altogether, 91 private reg plates were bought before 9am on Christmas Day by shoppers looking for last minute gifts for loved ones, whilst more than 650 were ordered on Boxing Day.

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A private reg number plate on a Range Rover – 1 GEO. © Copyright Philip Halling and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

The biggest sales over the festive period were on Christmas Eve, as around 1,000 were purchased within 24 hours.

It’s been confirmed by the DVLA that over 32,000 personalised number plates were sold between December 1 and 25 last year during a fulsome month of sales.

According to research, three out of four drivers said they’d prefer a private reg plate that shows off their name and this could explain the bigger sales this Christmas.

“With millions of registrations available to suit all tastes, and with prices starting at £250, there’s still time to find that perfect present – even if it is on Christmas morning,” said DVLA chief executive Julie Lennard.

Private number plates are very popular with motorists in the UK and since they were first released back in 1989, the DVLA have sold a total of 6 million.

Around 400,000 personalised plates are sold every year, with total sales exceeding more than £100million.

A recent survey carried out by the DVLA, found that 69% of motorists would purchase a private reg plate because of a personal connection such as showing a specific name or initials. Furthermore, 6% said they’d buy a personalised plate for their business, with 17% believing they were an investment.



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