The process is quick and easy with Clear Car Leasing


The process for leasing a car is simple and straightforward, especially here at Clear Car Leasing.

The first step is for you to decide which make and model of car you would like to lease, for how long and the mileage allowance that will suit your needs.

A choice of colour all depends on the make and model chosen and the options available.

We’ll help you find the right car for you and your budget and once you’re happy with the quote a simple credit check will have to be carried out.

The process is quick and easy with Clear Car Leasing

What Is The Process For Leasing A Car?


All that’s required then is for the forms to be filled in and signed and your chosen car will be ordered for you.

Updates on the progress of your order will be sent to you on a regular basis to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening regarding your brand new lease car.

Delivery of your brand new lease car will be arranged for a date and time that suits you and will be delivered to your door FREE of charge – it’s that simple!

All that’s left for you to do is to enjoy driving your brand new car.


If you need any assistance with the whole process we are here to lend a helping hand – call us now on 0844 846 4007, or for any other queries regarding business or personal car leasing please click here.

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