Marked in snow – the Land Rover Defender drawn in snow to celebrate it’s 70th anniversary this month


To celebrate it’s 70th birthday at the end of the month, a sketch of the Land Rover Defender has been drawn into the snow in the French Alps.

The special anniversary outline of the Land Rover Defender was created by snow artist Simon Beck, who braved sub-zero temperatures and walked more than 20,000 steps (10.2 miles) before reaching the spot where he created the 250-metre wide snow drawing.

The snow sketch pays tribute to the first ever drawing that was made in the sand at Red Wharf Bay, in Anglesey which subsequently led to the Land Rover Series being born and revealed in 1948 at the Amsterdam Motor Show.

It's a real snow stopper!

Marked in snow – the Land Rover Defender drawn in snow to celebrate it’s 70th anniversary this month (Land Rover/PA)


World Land Rover Day will be celebrated by enthusiasts from across the globe on April 30 and what better way to commemorate it’s beginning than by sketching a huge Land Rover Defender into the snow 2,700 metres up at La Plagne in the French Alps.

And rightly so, Mr Beck drove a Defender close to the peak before jumping out and continuing his journey on foot.

“Making my snow art requires endurance, accuracy and strength – all attributes shared with the Defender,” said Beck, adding: “Its iconic shape is so simple and recognised across the world; this must be the most recognisable piece of art I’ve ever made.”

Chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), Dr Ralf Speth said: “To reach the landmark of 70 years is truly special and we will mark it with a year of celebrations.”


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