Does My Lease Car Come With The V5C Logbook?


When you lease a brand new car from Clear Car Leasing on a Business or Personal Contract Hire agreement (also referred to as BCH or PCH agreements), you are essentially agreeing to rent the vehicle for a set period of time before handing it back at the end of your agreement.

Therefore, it will be your finance provider who’ll be listed as the registered keeper of your chosen lease car, as well as the owner, for the duration of your chosen lease term. This means, it is they who will keep hold of the V5C logbook related to your brand new lease car.

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Any parking or speeding fines incurred whilst driving your brand new lease car will be sent to your finance provider. © Copyright Jaggery and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Please be aware, because your finance provider is the registered owner and keeper of the lease vehicle, if you was to be issued with a parking fine or speeding ticket whilst driving your lease car, this would be sent to your finance provider. Different finance houses deal with fines and charges in differing ways, as some will inform the authority as to who you are so they can resend the fine directly to you, whilst others may post it on to you and possibly charge an administration fee for doing so.

Your lease contract with Clear Car Leasing will include UK road tax, which is fantastic as you won’t have to worry about remembering to tax your lease car every 12 months, plus every brand new car comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty, breakdown cover (subject to warranty), free delivery & collection.

You also have the option of adding a maintenance package to your lease contract for peace of mind which includes servicing, tyres and general fair wear & tear cover.



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