Over the past two weeks, here at Clear Car Leasing, we have been reviewing the Renault Captur GT-Line.

From first looks, we were all in agreement that the Renault Captur has some funky and stylish looks about it. The alloy wheels certainly had a couple of big fans among us! The Renault Captur does have some quirky features about it, especially the endless colour combinations you can choose from to create the perfect two-tone for you. We had the pleasure of testing a silver one which had a black roof, it looked very modern and smart!

The majority of the time we were test driving, we were doing the normal day to day duties, of going to/from work, school runs or the weekly shop, which we all think is where this car really strives. The cars stop/start engine works really effectively when stuck in traffic or driving in the city centre. The boot is great for the weekly shop and the rear seats are spacious enough for your children to get comfortable without too many complaints.

It was a tough question to ask if this would be an upgrade or downgrade from our currents cars, due to the fact how polar opposite our cars were to this. An Audi S3 and BMW 4 Series are certainly quite hard to compare with a Renault Captur. But both were very impressed with the Captur regardless.

Despite mainly driving in the city centre, the Renault Captur GT-Line returned an amazing average of between 45-60mpg which is ideal if you’re wanting to your running costs down!

Overall, we think this car is ideal or even go as far to say it is perfect if you’re looking for a daily commuter which can happily accommodate for family or everyday life.

The Score we gave the Captur was 7.5/10!


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