Clear Car Leasing’s guide on insurance for your lease car


All drivers in the UK must have car insurance if they want to drive on any of our roads. It is a legal requirement and failing to have insurance on your car is a very serious offence and more often than not leads to a hefty fine, points on your licence and in some instances, a prison sentence.

At Clear Car Leasing, we not only want to make the process of leasing a car as easy as possible but also ensure that before you drive away in the car of your choice, you fully understand what type of insurance is the best one for you.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have an insurance policy in place once you decide which make and model of car you will be leasing. Our advice is to compare prices from all insurance companies and look at as many quotes as possible before settling on the one that fits with your requirements.

There’s a wide variety of policies available, each one providing different levels of cover, however, if you take out a personal lease contract, you need a fully comprehensive insurance policy. The reason for this is because you are driving a car that isn’t owned by yourself, so you and the car need to be covered in case of an accident.

Regarding business contract hire, the car you choose to lease could already be covered on a company fleet insurance policy, or it might be possible to place the new lease car onto an already existing policy – before looking around for prices and quotes, it might be advisable to check with your company first.

Once you have decided on the car you’re going to lease, make sure you get an insurance policy that fits with your requirements and the lease contract you have signed up for – check to see what’s included as part of your lease agreement regarding the manufacturers warranty and also if you’ve taken out a maintenance package as part of your contract.


For help and advice concerning leasing a car for business or personal use and the type of insurance required please click here, or call us today on 0844 846 4007.

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