Research finds Avon and Somerset are ranked the highest for driving offences


New research has revealed the UK’s driving offence hotspots and it seems drivers in Avon and Somerset are the ones most likely to receive a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

After analysing 2.7 million FPNs, it was found that 197,692 motorists in Avon and Somerset had been issued with a ticket during the 2016/17 financial year – which equates to one fifth of the driving population in this area.

After looking at how many FPNs had been issued by the 45 police forces in the UK and comparing this information to the number of driving licence holders in each force area, it was determined by the researchers from Regtransfers that 17.85% were handed a ticket during the last financial year.

Research finds Avon and Somerset are ranked the highest for driving offences

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Not far behind Avon and Somerset were drivers in Cumbria, with 14.5% issued with a FPN, whilst 14.1% of motorists in Warwickshire were given a ticket within the same timeframe.

The vast majority of FPNs were made up of speeding offences, as it was found that 2.25 million motorists had been issued with a ticket for exceeding the limit.

In total, 146,000 motorists were issued with a FPN for driving without insurance or a licence, whilst 113,000 were handed a ticket for ‘neglect of traffic signs’ – possibly jumping a red light made up the most of these offences.

The data also revealed some other common driving offences, including using a mobile phone whilst driving (98,000 issued tickets), not wearing a seatbelt (64,000) and careless driving (34,000).

The data was gathered from official Government sources and found that motorists in London were those most likely to be caught driving whilst using a mobile phone – 52 FPNs for this offence were issued for every 10,000 motorists.

Drivers in Scotland it seems had the highest proportion of tickets issued for driving with no insurance or without a licence – 139 tickets handed out per 10,000 motorists for this offence.


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