New more modern-looking logo for the MINI to be rolled out in March 2018


MINI’s brand new logo for 2018 has been revealed!

The all new modern-looking logo will be rolled out in March 2018 and whilst it still resembles the current logo, it’s now in the style of a more contemporary flat design.

The logo currently in use today has been around since 2001 and was styled in the slant of a 3D version of the classic British Rover Group badge which was seen on the old retro Mini’s from 1996.

Now owned by BMW since 2000, the company have now chosen to ‘reduce it down to the essentials’.

The logo still represents a winged wheel with the MINI name branded in the middle of the circle but now boasts black capitals rather than grey.

The new 2D logo is now totally black and white with all the current shading and grey colouring removed and because it’s no longer a 3D logo, it will from March next year be able to be used more universally.

New more modern-looking logo for the MINI to be rolled out in March 2018

Revealed: MINI’s new logo for 2018 – Copyright BMW


The new MINI logo will still be instantly recognisable despite the changes and its all new flat appearance fits in perfectly with today’s more modern-looking styling and design.

As of March 2018, all new MINI models will feature the brand new logo on the bonnet and boot lid, the remote control key fob and the middle of the steering wheel.

The new logo was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2015 but it has taken this long for it to finally appear on production cars!


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