According to DfT figures, 86% of motorists speed in a 20mph zone!


According to Department for Transport (DfT) figures, a staggering 86% of car drivers break the limit when driving in a 20mph zone, which alarmingly increases to 94% during the early hours!

After analysing thousands of drivers, the DfT found that last year whilst only 9% of motorists broke 60mph limits, drivers travelling through a 20mph zone were almost 10 times more likely to break the law, as the average speed of vehicles recorded was 26mph in the zones.

And it’s not just those travelling in a car that flout the law, as 77% of ‘long’ bus drivers and 53% of ‘short’ bus drivers also went over the 20mph speed limit in 2017, so too did HGV drivers (75%), LCV and van drivers (84%) and 85% of motorcyclists, who’s average speed was 27mph in a 20mph zone.

According to DfT figures, 86% of motorists speed in a 20mph zone!

Revealed: Nearly all drivers in the UK break the 20mph speed limit. © Copyright Malc McDonald and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

It seems as though motorists were quite happy to stick to a 30mph speed limit, however around 52% of car drivers and 54% of motorcyclists still flouted the law in this zone.

The DfT monitored more than half a million vehicles on the motorway and found that 48% of car drivers were speeding, with 12% of those exceeding the limit by 10mph or more.

Also, some 56% of motorcyclists using the motorway were found to be speeding, with 20% doing so by more than 10mph, whereas only 1% of HGV drivers were found to be speeding but this could be down to the fact that they have speed limiters on their vehicles.

What was revealed by the DfT’s annual release of data was a relatively stable speeding account for the past seven years, although a bigger number of cars broke 20mph zones last year than they did in 2015 and 2016.

In addition, some 94% of car drivers flout the 20mph speed limit at 2am, whilst 98% of motorcyclists were found to be speeding through the zones by midnight.

According to the DfT figures, it was also observed that 34% of drivers fail to keep a two-second gap between them and the vehicle in front when travelling on the motorway, whilst 40% of motorcyclists also thought it was okay to tailgate the vehicle in front of them.


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