2 million drivers in the UK risked a huge fine by forgetting to renew their annual MoT test


In the UK, every car that’s under 40 years old must take an annual MoT test to make sure it’s safe enough to be on the road.

However, according to new research, around 2 million motorists up and down the country have failed to renew their MoT certificate and risked being fined up to £1,000.

It’s been found by the AA-Populus poll that 2 million drivers in the UK have been late renewing their MoT by at least a week, whilst over a million failed to renew their certificate by up to a month.

According to DVSA figures, more than a third of cars fail their initial MoT test, which reiterates the need for regular servicing of your car.

Two million drivers in the UK risked a huge fine by forgetting to renew their annual MoT test

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As well as drivers failing to book their car in for an MoT or missing an appointment, nearly 2 million drivers have been notified of a serious fault with their vehicle that they had no idea about until it had been for its MoT test.

If you’re caught driving with a serious fault on your car or in a serious condition, you could be hit with a hefty fine of up to £2,500 as well as three points on your licence. You could even be banned from driving if your car is found to be in a dangerous condition.

Changes come into effect on the 20th May regarding MoT test faults, with failures to be categorised as either dangerous or major.

Rather than leaving your MoT to the last minute, it can be booked in up to a month early and you get to keep the same renewal date.

You can choose to set up a reminder for yourself or you could sign up to the government’s MoT reminder service which will notify you in advance as to when your MoT is due, giving you plenty of time to book it in.

It’s advisable to carry out regular maintenance checks on your car all year round, especially before your MoT certificate is up for renewal – you might avoid an expensive repair bill or a huge fine.


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