DfT data reveals Yorkshire has some of the worst drivers in Britain!


New data has been revealed by the Department for Transport (DfT) showing exactly where the worst drivers in the UK are.

These findings are based on the number of penalty points issued to motorists that appear on their driving licence within each postcode area.

Overall, Yorkshire doesn’t do so well, as in Halifax, Bradford and Huddersfield there’s 9% of motorists who have points on their licence, with Halifax on 9.62%, followed by Bradford on 9.46% and Huddersfield on 9.04%.

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These figures suggest that almost 11,000 of the 111,820 drivers in Halifax have points on their licence.

The top five places for the worst drivers in the UK were filled by Bristol on 8.58% and Doncaster with 8.54% as having points.

The rest of the top 10 was made up of Wakefield, Leeds, Luton, Slough and Harrogate, with all areas revealing over 8% of drivers have points on their licence.

London was the leader when it came to drivers who have 12 points or more on their licence – 969 drivers in London basically have enough points on their licence to warrant a ban.

In Birmingham, this figure stands at 393 people with 12 points or more, whilst Peterborough, Nottingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Doncaster and Cardiff all have more than 200 drivers with 12 or more points on their driving licence.

According to figures that were correct in March 2019, a grand total of 11,021 motorists in the UK have licences that are maxed-out on points.

In general, 6.65% of drivers in the UK (or 2,711,493 people) are driving around with an unclean licence.



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