New survey finds 9 out of 10 motorists believe UK roads in worse condition now than 10 years ago


The UK Government is pushing for us to become a huge player in the car manufacturing industry, hoping to lead the way in the development of autonomous cars for the future, yet roads up and down our country are literally falling to pieces.

A new study has found that a huge percentage of motorists in the UK think that the condition of our roads are worse now than they were a decade ago.

Out of a poll of 17,500 drivers, the AA discovered that 88% of motorists think our road surfaces are in a much worse state than they were back in 2008, with many claiming that dodging potholes has now become a regular occurrence.

Our roads in the UK are falling to pieces

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The AA also found that two-thirds (67%) of motorists believe that UK roads have ‘considerably deteriorated’ over the last decade and it seems the issue is worsening day by day.

When the motoring organisation asked a panel back in 2017 to rate the state of residential streets, 34% claimed they were ‘poor’ but just one year later this has risen to 42%.

The AA’s latest survey simply highlights how serious the issue has become, with drivers having to deal with poorly kept roads on a daily basis, facing the possibility of hitting a pothole and causing damage to their vehicle.

Drivers can turn to their local council for compensation in the event of car damage caused by potholes but if it occurs on a major route or motorway, Highways England are responsible and the process for compensation can take a little longer.

According to a recent survey carried out by the Asphalt Industry Alliance, local authorities in England and Wales need £9.3 billion to improve our roads.

The AA has recently suggested that the bad weather the UK has had to deal with this year has led to more pothole related breakdowns, with damage such as distorted wheels, shock absorbers and broken suspension springs happening to people’s vehicles.

“It is clear that despite all the talk from central and local government, not enough is being done to fix our increasingly dangerous streets,” said AA president Edmund King, adding: “Our potholed roads are in a perilous state.”


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