They think the move would help deter motorists from exceeding the speed limits


Back in 2008, cigarette packets started to feature images showing grisly scenes of what happens to your body when you smoke in an effort to reduce the number of people smoking.

Road safety campaigners are now asking for a similar technique to be used on speed limit signs in the UK, to help deter motorists from exceeding the speed limits.

In a recent survey carried out by More Than, 58% of drivers approved the idea of grisly image additions being added to current speed limit signage, claiming that looking at an image of a crash scene would make them lower their speed.

The UK insurance company launched the campaign to coincide with Road Safety Week, which is urging that all 20mph, 30mph and 40mph signs come with an added image of a crash scene, saying it’s based on the ‘cigarette packet approach.’

They think the move would help deter motorists from exceeding the speed limits

Safety campaigners asking for speed limit signs to show grisly cigarette packet style images © Copyright Albert Bridge and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


The hope is that motorists will be drawn to the gruesome images as soon as they approach and will immediately be made aware of the risks involved if they break the speed limit set on the road they are travelling on.

The new idea has been trialled by the insurer with 2,000 drivers and nearly three out of five said the gruesome images would have an impact on how they drove.

However, many people are unsure as to whether the images will have any impact on reducing motorists’ speed, as consulting research regarding grisly images that now appear on cigarette packets has concluded that little to no affect on reducing the number of smokers in the UK has so far been reached.

More Than discovered that 67% of those polled said that crash images on speed limit signs would make them more aware of the dangers associated with speeding, whilst 56% said they would probably slow down just because the images were so shocking to look at.

Around 38% of those taking part in the survey said the gory images would make them more fearful of crashing because they were speeding.

The insurance company would like to see the new grisly signs put into action, saying it’s ‘exploring possible follow-up activity with a view to securing an actual pilot of the signs on UK roads’.

In April this year, any driver found guilty of a really serious speeding offence might have to fork out one-and-a-half times their weekly pay just on a fine.

According to Office for National Statistics figures from February 2017, an average driver in the UK would have to cough-up more than £760 if they were caught doing 51mph in a 30mph zone under new measures brought in by the Sentencing Council in October.


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