It would improve safety for cyclists and make their manoeuvres more visible


Safety experts in the UK believe bicycles using our roads should be fitted with indicators to help improve safety for cyclists and ensure their manoeuvres are more visible to other road users. claims this would help cyclists avoid what they call ‘the curse of SMIDSY’ – “sorry mate, I didn’t see you”.

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Safety experts believe bicycles ‘should be fitted with indicators’. © Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Mark Hall from Protecting said: “We say that anything that makes a cyclist more visible and ends the curse of the SMIDSY accident has to be a good thing.”

According to figures revealed by RoSPA, 102 cyclists were killed on UK roads in 2016 and more than 18,000 were injured.

Government figures suggest the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured rose by 17% between 2008 and 2018.

From a survey of cyclists who also drive a car, some 65% agreed with an indicator being fitted to bicycles to improve road safety.

One respondent from Derbyshire called Helen, said: “Great idea at night, they might even think I’m a motorbike and give me a lot more space.”

However, some didn’t agree that bicycles were the problem, with one unnamed respondent saying: “Bike riders have never been more visible these days.”

Mr Hall believes indicators on bicycles will help stop drivers from claiming they didn’t see the bicycle rider, saying: “For the sake of beating those SMIDSY types, indicators have got to be a good thing.”



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