The market leader is built here in Britain and the 20,000th UK Leaf was aptly sold to an existing owner


Nissan was one of the first pioneers of the electric vehicle, introducing EV technology to the people of Britain and the rest of the world with their market leader, the Nissan Leaf EV.

The Japanese car manufacturers have in the first quarter of this year commanded 50% of sales over the electric vehicle market here in the UK.

The UK is the third largest global market for the Nissan Leaf EV, with Britain being the biggest nation overall for sales of the e-NV200 electric van.

The market leader is built here in Britain and the 20,000th UK Leaf was aptly sold to an existing owner

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Only the U.S and Japan beat the UK in terms of sales of the Nissan Leaf EV.

The popularity of the Leaf here in the UK has helped it become the best-selling EV in the world year after year since it was launched back in 2010, with one in four sales throughout Europe being here in Britain.

Overall sales have grown so fast for the EV. It took them four years to reach 10,000 sales in the UK but just over a year to hit sales of 15,000.

Eight months on and sales have now hit 20,000 and quite aptly, the 20,000th UK Leaf was sold to a couple who already own one!

The couple from Suffolk who love their Nissan Leaf EV, swapped their two-year-old 24kWh model for a brand new 30kWh Leaf, as they simply wanted to switch to one with a bigger battery.

The fact that the Leaf is proving so popular with motorists in the UK is quite fitting, seeing as it’s made here at their plant in Sunderland. They produce 55 a day and just next door is a battery plant which supplies the lithium ion units for the Nissan Leaf.

“The number of customers who go on to buy another Leaf is… significantly higher that the industry average. Such customers can now claim they own a genuinely all-British EV,” said Nissan’s EV manager, Edward Jones.

The current Leaf has been on our roads for seven years now and Nissan are pleased to announce that an all-new Leaf EV will be available next year. More information will be revealed at the end of this year ahead of its 2018 release.

With such positive news and huge sales here in Britain, it’s no surprise to discover that Nissan has managed to snatch such a large proportion of the UK’s record 4.4% market share in alternative fuelled vehicles.


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