New survey suggests around 26% of us are but why?


According to a new survey which quizzed 2,000 motorists in the UK, it seems many of us are scared of getting in the car when our partner is the one behind the wheel.

The survey found that as many as 26% of motorists worry when they have to get in the car when it’s their partner driving but what kind of ‘bad habits’ could be the cause of this fear?

Apparently, a motorist’s better half (the female of course) is accused of doing everything from being in the wrong gear to hesitating at junctions, as well as leaving huge gaps on the kerbside when parking up – oh, and braking too late or too hard is also an issue when they get behind the wheel – allegedly!

But what about the men? Male drivers apparently get an earful for driving too fast on free-flowing roads, driving too close to the vehicle in front and for unpleasant spells of road rage.

New survey suggests around 26% of us are but why?

Are you scared of getting into the car when your partner is driving?

More or less, it takes around 28 minutes into a car journey before couples are at each others throat, as 69% say every time they travel together a row of some kind occurs.

For many couples, crossed words tend to happen more often on short trips to the supermarket, travelling on unfamiliar roads or on journeys which take over two hours.

Over one fifth of those taking part said they hate how their other half drives – 40% admitted to lambasting their partner regularly for their terrible driving.

As far as judging themselves on their own driving skills, a whopping 74% of men said that they were better drivers than their partners, whilst in comparison just 43% of women thought as highly of their own driving abilities.


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